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Snapchef Fast Track
  • 8 Units
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  • 129 Tasks
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  • 142 Videos

Rouxbe Culinary School is the world’s leading online culinary school for aspiring cooks, culinary students, those already working in the food and culinary industry, or anyone who seeks an intensive immersion in culinary skill and knowledge development.

Snapchef Fast Track is an online culinary skills development course designed to equip you with the basic skill set to get you started in real-world commercial kitchens and to accelerate your practical application of knowledge and skills. The lesson principles will also improve the kitchen experience for the casual cook.

So, if you are a cook learning the trade or a skilled cook honing your craft, this course will serve you well and instill confidence.

This culinary training includes a library of instructional videos and various modes of other learning through interactive quizzes and personal reflections. Our virtual experience gives you the flexibility to learn culinary arts on your own schedule. Take classes online in a flexible interactive format, then develop or refresh your culinary education through a progressive course offering.