Snapchef Fast Track


The course is jam packed with other short instructional videos, tips, and techniques.

Snapchef Welcome Video
Avoiding Cross-Contamination
Pathogen Growth at Room Temperature
Honing Your Knife
Buying Chicken
Buying & Storing Eggs
Checking Best Before Dates on Rice
How to Know When Poultry Is Cooked
How to Test Salmon for Doneness
Proper Handwashing
Cleaning & Sanitizing Cutting Boards
Platform Tour
Cooling Stock
Cooling Risotto
Thawing Chicken Properly
Thawing Fish Properly
Marinating Food Properly
Buying & Storing Whole Grains
Cooling & Storing Rice & Grains
Storing Whole Grains
Storing Whole Wheat Flour
Practice Using a Bench Scraper